I am thin guy age 22 years and weight 56

Patient: I am thin guy age 22 years and weight 56 kg . I passed through jaundice at age of 18 after that typhoid at age 19 and 1 year ago went through a appendix operation.from past 2 years sometimes when i sleeps and try to wake up i just can’t do it. My mind is in sense at that time but it feels like my full body is paralyzed.it just occurs for for 2to 3 minutes after getting sense from sleeping. It occurs not regularly but a week later or sometimes a month later and sometimes a day after too. My right leg knees back portion has a bunch of veins which are so seems trapped and bigger and easily visible . Suggest me sir.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted the history of Jaundice, Typhoid, Appendix operation, inc idences of the body getting paralyzed for a moment of few minutes and then getting OK; bunch of veins behind the right knee.Well, I hope the Typhoid, appendix and other problems might have been over by this time.The incidences of paralyzed body may be related to the stress and anxiety or to actual disturbances of electrolytes.I would advise you to get a proper full body check-u, proper clinical evaluation, physical examination, investigations like Thyroid function tests, Serum electrolytes and as may be thought necessary, the Physician can help getting the proper diagnosis.This will help us to get to the cause and get treated accordingly.I hope this answer help you.