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I am very allergic to shrimp When a reaction starts

Patient: I am very allergic to shrimp. When a reaction starts I have a severe headache and am nausated and throw up 6-8 hours



Symptoms: Headache throwing up.



Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your statement on ATD. Kindly post your doubts /MR at ATD for evaluation and give us a chan ce of helping you out.Regards

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Patient: I ask if what treatment is available when the allergic reaction starts? Is there some medicine or something I can do to lessen the severe headache and nausea? Should I go go the emergency room?

Patient: It appears that my initial posting dropped some of the information I provided about the severe symptoms I have when the allergic reaction to shrimp (and mussels, oysters and clams). I want to know if there is a drug that would counteract the severe symptoms (headache/nausea/vomiting) I experience for up to 12 hours.

Patient: For instance, is an epipen something I could use?

Patient: How long does it take to get information about my concerns and questions?!!

Doctor: Hello
The best thing to bring relief from the symptoms of allergy is i.v steroid injection, i.v bronchodilator, i.v antihistamines, i.v anti-emetic, and i.v ephedrine. Since all of the drugs are intravenously given, its best for you to take patient to ER.
Epipen or autoinjector are the only available drugs that cam be given at home. One should be thorough with the technique of using the autoinjector. Secondly make sure while the patient is vomiting he/she should not lie on their back as there are chances of aspiration.
If there are any more doubts, please write to us.


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