I am wondering if i could be pregnant

Patient: I had my period on the 25th of september. i had spotting a week or two before my period. i missed my period for october i took a pregnamcy test two or three weeks ago and was negative. the last day i had sex was around the 15th of september. this symptom started about three weeks ago but when i get hungry i feel like puking, i get really nauseous and another thing that started about two to three weeks ago is i have been getting stomache acid and i also had spotting around the time i was supposed to start my period in october i am almost a week late. i need to know if i could possibly be pregnant or if there could be an underlying cause

Symptoms: Late period, spotting, stomach acid, nausea, tiredness, mood swings, heavy feeling in uterus

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThe best time to confirm pregnancy after a missed period is after 7 d ays of the due date with a urine pregnancy test . In your case as you said you had last sexual intimacy at 15th sept but after that you had your menses on 26th september, so pregnancy is ruled out due to sex on 15th september.However it is a possibility that the menses may have been delayed because of stress and anxiety per se which you have been undergoing for all this time. They are known to cause hormonal imbalances and cause irregularity of menses. You may repeat the pregnancy test again now to be sure.The symptoms you have mentioned like mood swings, nausea, spotting, gastritis, and heaviness in uterus indicate more towards a premenstrual syndrome ( in absence of pregnancy), rather than pregnancy otherwise. PMS generally start few days prior to menses and subside with the onset of bleeding. I would suggest you to wait for few days to observe for menses, else you may visit your physician for further evaluation of hormonal profile and an ultrasound for possible organic cause.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,reagrds