I am wondering what is going on I am on

Patient: I am wondering what is going on. I am on the mini pill. I started it on april 7th. My periods are irregular normally. I had a period on April 17th. I thought it was only going to last 3 days, but then it started up again and lasted a few more days. Then i had spotting and cramps on April 29th. Then May 2nd I had spotting/bleeding for a few days. (not enough for a tampon, and didnt fill more than 1 pad a day)On May 11th I had sex that morning (unprotected) and I forgot to take my pill that night, and did not take it until 720 the next morning. I got a yeast infection around that same time. Now since May 14th I have had sore nipples, not my brests, but just my nipples and that continues to today. I took a pregnancy test this morning and is negative. However, I dont know when I might have ovulated (if I ovulated) since I had such irregular bleeding. I dont know if the bleeding I had on May 2nd was another period or not. I have only had yeast infections when I was pregnant and sometimes but not always before my period my breasts might be sore, but never just my nipples. I know it is a yeast infection and not STD. What are the chances I could be pregnant and it was too soon to test? When was I fertile. my husband and I had unprotected sex 5 times in a day on April 28th with the cramping and light spotting the next day (29th)

Symptoms: Yeast infection, sore nipples not breasts