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I am wondering what theses new brown spots on my

Patient: I am wondering what theses new brown spots on my foot may be? I always thought I have been battling athletes foot but these new brown spots worry me??



I am wondering what theses ...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read the history, seen the image and understood your concerns.It looks you are worried ab out Melamona or so.The picture shows that you have exfoliation of the skin of the sole and does not look like Athlete’s foot.The brown spots do not appear to be of any clinical significance as per the image you have provided. Since the skin of your sole is very sensitive and fragile these might just appear to be due to small punctate hemorrhages in resolution.You can of course keep them under your observation so that the changes can be noted; these may be increase in size, change in color, elevation on palpation, itching and so on.These may just fall off with the growth of the normal skin.Or may develop as viral warts as are seen in the initial stages (rare thought- just to keep in mind).Second opinion of a Podarist or a Dermatologist may be solicited.Out of the way, Therapeutic dosage of Vitamin A and D and continuation as multivitamins may help to have better and stronger skin of the soles (and palms). Urea creams as Cotaryl may also help.( I hope this is OTC)I hope this answer helps you.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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