I am worried I cheated on my partner of 12 years. Had sex without condom.

Patient: I am worried. I cheated on my partner of 12 years. Something I have never done before.But I had sex with someone without the use of a condom.Now I’m worried I have a std. I have no real signs apart from when I think about the possibility of infection I get a ache in my right testicle. No pus from my penis or any other signs at all. Sometimes a upset stomach but I don’t know if I’m feeling this cos how guilty I feel. Just very paranoid I have infected my partner.I recently found out the girl I had sex with had a std when she was younger but that was many years ago. Please can you help

Doctor: Thanks for your question.No person in the world is complete and there could be deficiencies in every person. Having unprotected sex with infected person can be certainly be risk for acquisition of HIV and other STDs too. As HIV/STD infected persons might not have symptoms at all to start with and in fact they might not even be aware of their infection/disease. So difficult to predict the risk in your scenario , but the best thing is that most of STDs ( though HIV in non-curable , but manageable like Diabates/hypertension ) are cured with simple treatment(antibiotics) .So I suggest you to go for complete work up for a correct diagnosis.Hope this helps.