I am worried I might have an STD.

Patient: I am experinceing some mild pain and ichiy discomfort in my penis after having sex with some one the night before

Symptoms: Discomfort and a kinda itchy mild pain

Doctor: Hello,The mild pain and itchiness as a symptoms if experienced by you after an intercourse a day prior, then it is li kely that you may have contracted urethral infection, probably a fungal infection or a chlamydia which she may have been harbouring. It is suggested that you may get a urine culture and a urethral swab culture done to rule out any infection with either yeast or chlamydia. The treatment can be directed according to the cause if the reports are positive in form of antifungals or antibiotics for a week during which you have to avoid intercourse till complete resolution is achieved.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards