I and my partner had sex after my 6th day

Patient: I and my partner had sex after my 6th day of my periods but im in stress tht it may happend anything…but not intercourse but my partner said sperm had gone inside lightly before he tried to getup.. nw v r avoiding baby… so may i bcame pregnant … help me pls

Symptoms: Feel stress and slightly some disturbance in my under stomach bcoz of my thought

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The chances of getting pregnant due to an intercourse on 6th day of the cycle could b e less as it is the safe period of the cycle. However, sometimes there are chances of pregnancy.It is recommended that you consult a gynecologist and get a pregnancy test done after 14 days of the last intercourse or on missing your next cycle. A beta hCG blood test would be more specific. Depending on the result you can act accordingly and decide about the management.Hope this was helpful.Regards