I and my partner had sex without precautions 4 daysback

Patient: I and my partner had sex without precautions 4 daysback. Now m feeling very sick . need to go toilet so many tyms n feeling very unease in urination . I think I might be pregnant. Is it so ??

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryThough the symptoms of frequent urge to urinate and uneasiness while urinating can be sym ptoms of an early pregnancy, it will only manifest after a month of getting pregnant and not in 4 days after sex. The symptoms you are experiencing may be due to the recent sex, which can cause some discomfort in the bladder and an underlying urinary tract infection. Many women experience this after intercourse. Suggest you to drink plenty of water and also maintain sanitary hygiene. In case the symptoms get worse, see a gynecologist for an examination.The doctor may advice on blood and urine tests, a course of antibiotics may be needed.In case you miss your period, do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancyHope this helped.Regards