October 18, 2018

I became pregnant back in February 2015.

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Patient: I became pregnant back in February 2015. At my first 6 week appointment, my pap came back as slightly abnormal. The doctor wasn’t too concerned. I ended up miscarrying in early March. I now have an appointment for a coloscopy on Tuesday. Last night and this morning I noticed blood in my stool. I read up on it and with the abnormal Pap smear and blood in the stool, it could be cervical cancer. Is this something I should be going to the ER and is it safe to assume both indications point to cervical cancer?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can understand your concern here.Yes, you are right a bnormal pap smear along with rectal bleeding can be due to cervical cancer.But you can wait till Tuesday for colposcopy to rule out the cause , there is no need to go to emergency if bleeding is not so severe and causing any other health issues.You have not mentioned your age?Are you able to send your pap’s smear report?Any other associated symptoms other than this?Please revert back to me with my answers.Hope to hear from you soon.Regards

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Patient: I’m 28 years old and I don’t have access to the pap results. I don’t have any other symptoms lately. I did have bleeding after intercourse early this month but thought it might have been my period. The week before that happened, my pregnancy hormone was at 200. I went back a couple weeks later and my pregnancy hormone was at 26. With the bleeding after intercourse, now blood in stool and an abnormal Pap smear. I’m convinced it’s cervical cancer. However, my doctor wasn’t too concerned when the results came back slighly abnormal.

Doctor: Hello dear,
Sorry for the long delay in my response.
I have gone through your history and in my opinion your symptoms can be due to other reasons also not only due to ccervical cancer.
As you said in pap smear it is only slightly abnormal and there is no precancerous changes, so it can be due to infection or cervicitis also.
Have you done your HPV testing because most of the time it is associated with HPV virus.
Blood in stool can be due to piles also.
So please get your colposcopy test done to rule out the cause.
Good luck.

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