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I been getting a period every month since age 12

Patient: I been getting a period every month since age 12 which is when I got my first period and come april 1st of 2006 it didnt come on. I didnt bleed for two months. Could you tell me what could be going on with my period? Was it pregnancy or something else? I have blood clots when my period came back on after the two months. My blood clots are still here…




Doctor: Hello.Thanks for your query.If your concern has been clots and heavy bleeding during menses regularly then you ne ed to be investigated for the same with a hormonal profile and a ultrasound pelvis. If your concern is about the first episode of clots after 2 months of amenorrhoea, then it is normal to have clots and excessive bleeding then, but if the pattern has continued then it can be influenced by a probable progesterone hormone deficiency or it may be stress-induced per se. Stress in itself be it emotional, psychological or emotional can cause hormonal imbalances and can be a cause for heavy or delayed menses in most of the cases in reproductive age group. So it is suggested that you should visit your Physician for a detailed per speculum and internal examination and labs to arrive at a diagnosis and then treatment plan can be formulated.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards


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