I came off on the 20 i had sex on

Patient: I came off on the 20 i had sex on friday saturday and sunday now since tuesday i been ffeeling werid had a egg yolk type discharge yesterday spotting brown today brown and red but light like its stopping i think im pregnant i do feel cramps but not bad can i be pregnant

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a possibility that you can be having a vaginal infection or an early pregnancy .It is recommended that you consult a gynecologist for an examination and investigations like a pregnancy test by beta hCG and also a high vaginal swab. In case of an infection, one can experience abdominal cramps. You will be given a course of oral and vaginal antibiotics to cure the condition. Avoid unprotected intercourse until then and drink plenty of water. Maintain sanitary hygiene.Hope this helped.Regards