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I can see my epiglottis

Patient: Hi, I have a sore throat and post nasal drip for 2 weeks now, and it usually subsides within a couple of days but it didn’t so I decided to look into my throat this morning and I was shocked to see my epiglottisI don’t know why I can see it nowI’ve looked at my throat before and I’m sure it wasn’t there, even when I had a sore throat I could never see itI can’t help but think that it might be something serious, I’m not a smoker but I’ve smoked before but only about 20 ciggarets in my life or lessI don’t drink or do drugs and I have no other symptomsShould I have a specialist look into it? Could it be something serious?Thank you for your time



Symptoms: Sore throat
Visible epiglottis



I can see my epiglottis -1

Doctor: As you are suffering from upper respiratory infection, epiglottis may be involved and get inflammed. In such situations, epiglottis may be visibly obvious. Need not worry about this. Once the infection subsides, it should be normalised.


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