I can’t take a deep breath without coughing, cold feeling in lungs, fatigue, fever?

Patient: I CAN take a deep breath, however, I ALWAYS expel the air quickly and or cough. It feels like there’s something in there forcing me to stop taking a deep breath. The cough is dry and only present when I try to take a good breath or I’m not paying attention to my breathing. Otherwise, I have to force myself to take shallower breaths. Also, I’ve got this feeling like there’s something cold sitting in the bottom of my lung. I know that sounds stupid and I know there isn’t actually something cold sitting in my lung, but I don’t know how else to word it. It’s almost like there’s a piece of sponge that’s been drenched in water and put in the fridge for a few hours just sitting in my left lung (not my right lung, oddly enough). I’ve had a fever that’s been coming and going for the past day (since this started), and I have not taken any Tylenol for it because I do not have any (as good a reason as any, right?). I have a bit of a headache that won’t seem to go away, but I usually get these when it gets rainy, which it has been lately.Also, if I’m doing something that requires more energy than just walking around, my heart really starts pounding, even though I’m not out of shape. It didn’t do that until I started feeling sick. I bike (up hills and down) every single day and climb lots of stairs for school, so it’s not because I’m out of shape.I feel like this came on pretty quickly, Wednesday night I was starting to feel a bit tired, but I was still okay, and then Thursday morning I woke up feeling really achy and fatigued, and even though I slept most of the day, I still felt super tired. This morning I woke up with the lung issue, though it was not present yesterday. Right now I feel like I could sleep for another 12 hours and still not have had enough rest.I don’t have any other symptoms, though my nose will drip very occasionally, not often, and sometimes I feel like there’s a bit of mucus in my throat, but I’ve felt like that since I had my tonsils out two months ago, so I don’t really think that’s part of the package.I really don’t want to go onto WebMD, because I think it’s stupid and most people jump to the worst thing on the list and start hyperventilating about possible cancer or something ridiculous, and my doc is out for the weekend (my insurance doesn’t allow for me to switch primary care physicians) and I can’t transport myself anywhere else. I’m hoping it’s just the flu or something, because I haven’t had it in a long time and can’t remember what all the symptoms are, so I thought I’d come see if anyone here knows what could be the problem.