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I developed what I thought was a rash in Barcelona

Patient: I developed what I thought was a rash in Barcelona two weeks ago. It didn’t get better with any topical creams so I went to the hospital. They told me it was an allergic reaction and those were hives (I’ve never had an allergic reaction before but upon looking it up online that was indeed the case). I got some pills that help suppress the immune system and some histamines (H1s). As soon as I started talking the H1s a lot of the redness and puffiness went away.Over the last two days though it spread from my legs now to my arms, nick and face. Is this normal and should I be worried or is it running it’s course?



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a rash because of a viral or bacterial or microbial infection. Thi s is one of the most common causes. It could also be a rash due to the exposure to sun or an allergic reaction to some food substance or metal.Please try to remember what stuff you have come into contact with that you do not usually come in contact with.Try to avoid contact with the substance and see if the rash goes away. If it does not, please see a Doctor.You will probably need antibiotics. A biopsy of the rash will be needed in advanced cases to reach the diagnosis. Do follow up if you have more symptoms other than rash like fever or such symptoms.Hope this helps you. All the best.



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Patient: I don’t believe it’s bacterial or microbial because I was just on antibiotics when it happened. It responded very quickly to anti-histemines .
My question that I really need answered is should I be worried if the hives/rash continue to spread on the 3rd day after taking H1s and Predinsone

Doctor: Thank you for following up.
I think that the rash is then due to an allergic reaction. In some cases, there can be a prolonged rash due to some foods. Did you get a tattoo or are in contact with some metal that it still in contact with you.
There are some people who develop a rash to metals or implants in the body after a long time of contact. Are there any plants in the area that can be causing it. Poison ivy is a common cause of this.
The list is long. And yes, you should be worried if the rash continues after the 3rd day. This means that the antihistamines are not working.
Lupus seems possible as well. Also, I would not recommend you take oral steroids unless they were given by a Doctor.
If the rash continues or you develop a fever, I recommend that you get admitted into the hospital. And get a Kidney function test and a Liver function test done.
Hope this helps you. All the best.


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