I did some hand practice

Patient: Hi, in young age i use to do hand practice to release sperm at age12, to age 15, but as i get 14year the problem start, when i do washroom if i do with pressure some drops of white liquid comes out of my penis it goes many time ,then i visit one homeopathic doctor he treated me and i get rid of white drops that comes after washroom but i go to doctor after one year or two years till that i do handpractice many times,, now the problem is when i go near to any girl i just talk and kiss i get discharged ,even some time when i sit with girlfriend many ideas bad comes in my mind and only being with her i get dischrge some time,, if i think anything about sex my penis get stand in a second and if i watch any romantic movie long time i discharge also i make bad ideas in mind…please do answer what happend to me if this hapen how i will marry ,i am scared if i want to so sex with my girlfriend how i will do , i just dischrge while i start kissing

Symptoms: Get discharge while start kiss

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.You could be having premature ejacul ation, but the commonest cause of PE in your case is psychological.The white drops that used to come out was excitatory fluid or pre-cum. I am not sure why you were given treatment for something which is normal.The issue you have right now will automatically fix itself once you have a girlfriend or get married. Once you start having sex, first few times, you will orgasm very quickly but slowly the time period will increase, as after a point sex becomes a habit which you both will enjoy. A lot of men are too focused on climax and hence they orgasm too quickly.If it still persists after marriage, there are options like Tab. Paroxetine 12.5-25 mg can be taken 30 minutes-1 hour before intercourse depending on the body weight.Hope this was helpful,Regards.

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Patient: its not secrete precum doctor i think beacuse when i leaks its alot sperm ,is there any test to check it out everything is right and which doctor i should consult i mean which field of doctor e.g ent……