I do have anxiety; I want to throw that out there.


Q: I do have anxiety; I want to throw that out there. But I also have symptoms. I have had anxiety for a long time, but these symptoms are unique (or have gotten much worse) in the past month (especially the past week)

I am writing what I believe to have some relevance; but feel free to ignore superfluous details.

About a month ago, like many other 23 year olds, I drank too much. Twice, in a week. I was pretty stressed about getting a new job and the uncertainties that come along with it.
I've always had bad hangovers; it's gotten progressively worse over time. But the hangovers I got after these alcohol indulgences were truly terrible. Lots of diarrhea, nausea, hot flashes. And there was pain. I didn't notice it at first, but my lower back (kidneys? Liver?) as well as my stomach (upper abdomen) were very uncomfortable and painful. Also, there was a lot of running to the bathroom for diarrhea and the urge to urinate. Needless to say, I swore off alcohol and committed to healthier eating.
It took a few days, but the pain and complete lack of appetite (as well as a 5-lb weight loss; granted, I tipped the scales at about 210) subsided. (Apologies for all the parentheses)
So for the next week or to, I avoided alcohol (except for a beer or two, total), ate very well (Lots of salad and yogurt). I continued to have gas and some diarrhea throughout this time (I've always had diarrhea fairly frequently; a few times a week) but overall I felt O.K.
Then, I had a somewhat rough day at work. I felt sort of out of it, very antsy and dizzy. But I made it through alright. The next day, they called me, but I ignored it, as I didn't sleep much and figured they'd ask me to come in. I don't like saying no to such things.
That evening, I felt OK, hung out with my boyfriend, felt relatively normal.
Then, that night... Well, I'm not sure what happened, it seems so long ago. Anyway, I felt super anxious/ out of it/ losing control. Granted, I was still nervous about work, but I don't know why I could feel so extremely anxious.
The next few days brought about a few doctor's visits, tons and TONS of crying, and probably more weight loss. (I'm afraid to get on a scale). Also, lots of hot flashes. Just feeling totally out of it.
I took a pill they gave me (doxepin/silenor) and I pretty much slept the whole next day... Not taking that again. That's when the pressure in my head started to get really bad. It is getting uncomfortable to sit up/stand.
At work, a few days ago, my manager could tell I was off/antsy. I was embarrassed; not really at what she thought, but that I couldn't even pretend to keep it together.
That night, however, I managed to have a fairly relaxing evening; hot bath, a decent meal etc. Then today, I woke up; no appetite, head pressure intense, and so so dizzy. Sensitive to all lights and sounds and motion. Tonight, the diarrhea was pretty bad, even though I didn't eat very much.
So, that's the rundown of the past few weeks. If it is stress, is it normal to still be having these symptoms? Can they linger on although I am making a conscious effort to reduce stress and not worry so much?
Sorry for the long operatic shpeal; here is a list of my symptoms in one place.
Lower back pain/ discomfort
Abdomen pain/discomfort
Head pressure; primarily in forehead
Some tingling in extremities
Feeling foggy/ out of it
Frequent gas/ burping
Loss of appetite/ weight loss
Dry mouth/ dry hands/ dry hair
Some stiffness in left arm
Facial stiffness/tension/twitching
Some tinnitus
Heartburn/ feeling of heartburn in stomach (dunno what that's called)

Note: I have been trying to drink plenty of water. Took Tylenol for head, didn't help. Allegra helped a little.

Annnnd just a few ideas to bounce off with: diabetes 2 (it runs in my family), ulcerative colitis, IBS, strictly anxiety/ remnants of anxiety, peptic ulcer, (sinus pressure separate; or diabetes related)

Oh also, I've been on Zoloft for about 10 years, max for about 5. Take meds for thyroid; hypothyroidism; levels tested fairly recently, checked out OK.

So yeah, I'm hoping to not get an "it's all in your head", though if that's what you truly think, I will take it into consideration, for now.

I feel like stress/anxiety probably exacerbated things, but I find it hard to believe that they are the sole cause. And I really really have been trying to be positive and stress less!

Thank you for reading, I don't even really expect a response (not right away anyway); but it helps me anyway to get it out there, and I could use this for future reference, if need be. (As I feel it explained everything fairly well, ignoring the long-windedness)


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