I don’t feel pleasure during climax

Patient: I am 21 years old, but when I was younger I used to experience pleasurable feeling during ejaculation but now there is almost no pleasure. Its more like a discomfort and slight burning after ejaculation. I am still virgin, all I have done is masturbate. I will get married soon but I need to treat myself from this problem. What could be causing discomfort?These are my symptoms, hopefully they can give you a clue to what is giving me discomfort during ejaculation.1. few minutes after ejaculation, some semen comes out2. few seconds after urinating, some urine dribbles out3. Discomfort during ejaculation rather than pure pleasure.4. Pain on my upper right abdominal that alliterates after massage5. Also pain in the upper back that goes away with massageThanks for your time!