I don’t have any energy.

Patient: I’m a 53 yr. old female going thru menopause.I usually have a lot of energy,but,lately I’ve been really tired,and sleep a lot. What’s wrong with me?

Symptoms: No energy,sleeping alot

Doctor: Menopause or the climacteric is the time when the female body sees a wide array of hormonal changes. Falling blood level s of key hormones leave multi-systemic effect on the body and the operations of the brain is also not spared. In some, these physiological changes bring about changing levels of neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain and give rise to symptoms of anxiety, melancholy or even clinical depression. These conditions commonly starts manifesting as tiredness or change in sleep patterns. Exhaustion or tiredness may also be caused by various other medical problems. Cardiological problems may also manifest as tiredness or shortness of breath, as also in anemia. Please see your physician and seek investigations and treatment for your feeling of exhaustion. Menopausal symptoms may be alleviated by hormone supplementation.