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I don’t know if I am being over worried

Patient: I don’t know if I am being over worried. Chest feels scratchy and tight. And kind of like I am not breathing right. IHave asthma and indigestion now and then. Hope it I s not my heart



Symptoms: Chest tight and scratchy



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.To recapitulate: age/gender, not mentioned – known case of a sthma – indigestion now and then – chest feels tight and scratchy – feels like not breathing right – ? being over worried – wants to know whether this is heart related.My thoughts as per the history your have provided:There is something called as cardiac asthma and to rule this out you need to undergo cardiac check-up by clinical evaluation, examination and investigations related to heart like pulse, blood pressure, EKG, Echocardiography and so on. This can give other symptoms as well like excessive fatigue, edema all over body, palpitations, not responding to bronchodilators or usual asthma medicines, breathlessness on exertion and laying down and so on.If you do not have such symptoms, I think there is nothing much to worry about. But since you have raised the doubts, it is always better to rule out the cardiac part once.Get the proper clinical evaluation of the symptoms and investigations to get a correct treatment for keeping yourself symptom-free.Too much worry and asthma itself can lead to aerophagia meaning inadvertent swallowing of air which can lead to indigestion.Have small frequent feeds, take time to eat, do not rush through. Get stool test done and get treated if there is evidence of intestinal infection or pancreatic insufficiency. Keeping normal stomach is very important for healthy life and have control of asthma.I hope this answer helps you with the issues you have raised, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

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Patient: So you are more likely to think it is not my heart

Doctor: As explained above.
If you do not have symptoms related to heart, this is less likely to be related to heart.
And it is of utmost important to have clinical evaluation and investigations related to the heart to say so.
Do you have any associated symptoms?

Patient: What other symptoms would I have to be heart related. Thanks

Doctor: The symptoms of cardiac asthma which you have to look for are:
Shortness of breath with or without wheezing.
Rapid and shallow breathing.
An increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
There may be a feeling of apprehension.
And others as mentioned above.


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