October 16, 2018

I dont know if i am pregnant but me and

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Patient: I dont know if i am pregnant but me and my boyfriend was fooling around then out of curiosity put his penis inside my vagina. But didnt hump. He didnt last longer than one minute inside me. It didnt go all the way thru because my vagina was still tight because we were both virgins and we were scared to rip it.. So only the tip was inside.. And i believe that there might have been some clear liquid (pre cum) that leaked inside my vagina.. Then on that whole week i was scared, stressed and worried if i was pregnant and didnt sleep somehow mostly 3-5 hours sleep per night (no morning or afternoon naps) because i kept searching for answers then found the symptoms but i dont think it will be accurate enough because the first early signs were mood swings, fatigue, and breast swelling (But the breast swelling only after taking vit c pills.) moodswings and fatigue because of lack of sleep, so i took up vitamin c abortion 6 tablets of (500mg) pure ascorbic acid for 2 days then after 12 days i think i had my menstruation. The first day my bleeding was in small amount. But on the second day i had heavy crampings and heavy bleeding i could barely move by the pain but i took up some biogesic to relieve the pain. Then on the third day i still had a heavy bleeding (but lesser then day 2) no pains, day 4 not so heavy and no pains, day 5 i swam for a long period of time and just bled a few, then day 6 maybe just drops of blood, day 7-10 brown discharge, then day 11 watery discharge, day 12 watery and then after a couple of days creamy then now its like a. Powderish white moist discharge.(powderish feeling when you touch it or rub between fingers) its not itchy or anything. It just feels normal.. Also i ate a lot during the first few weeks.. In three days will be the fifth week and i can feel my belly harden but im not sure if its because its supposed to add pressure during the fifth week or maybe because i did some plankings two night before.. My boob also gets sore but even before my boyfriend and i inserted it. It hurted already months ago before our first so im not really sure…So am i pregnant? Is my discharges normal? Was it menstruation bleeding or is it implantation bleeding?

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.The kind of bleeding that you have described suggest that it was a menstrual bleeding and not the scanty implantation bleeding that occurs occasianally. Further if it was only precum that was secreted, then there is very very rare chance of pregnancy. Mostly you are not preganant and you may leave this thought. Still if you want to be doubly sure then you may try a urine pregnancy test.Do meet your doctor.Hope this helps,Wish you a good health.

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