I don’t know if I have a Uti or Kinsey

Patient: I don’t know if I have a. Uti or Kinsey stone. But every time I pee it hurts so bad. Then after I stop peeing it still hurts in the same spot. It’s being doing his for almost 3-4 days. At first it just hurt to pee , then the pain would go away. Then when I wiped there would be very little blood. Now it hurts while and after I pee.What do you think it is ?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Both an UTI and a kidney stone can cause blood in the urine. The only sure shot way to d iagnose it is to see a Doctor and get a urine exam done. The urine exam will clearly help you reach the cause. If there is any doubt, a scan of the ureters will be done to reach the diagnosis. All the best.Hope this helps you