I don’t know if Im pregnant- very unusual case

Patient: I’m trying to figure out if I’m pregnant, but I have a very specific case that I can’t google the answers for. The date of what I consider to be my last period was September 6th. I was supposed to get my period on October 4th, but I didn’t. Around the 22nd I finally went to the health clinic and a urine test came up negative. The next night my boyfriend and I had rough intercourse, leaving me in excrutiating pain. This used to be a somewhat normal thing to happen, because he is much larger than my previous boyfriends. Sometimes I would bleed for a day or two. So on this day, October 23rd, I thought I started my period but it only lasted two days. Since I was 15, I always had a normal period, every 28 days for 5 days. I am 22 now. I have not been stressed out or dieting. In fact I’m more happier than I have ever been. Last year I was in an extreme depressed phase where I became anorexic for about 6 months, but that didn’t even affect my periods. I am 5’3″ and a slender 110 pounds. My clothes are definitely tighter on me. I have noticed a bulge in my stomach that looks like I’m bloated. One thing about me, was that my pelvic bones would show, but now they dont. I’ve become round instead of chunky. I feel like I’ve gained 10-15 pounds but the scale just read 113 early in the morning. Its like my hips are skinny, but my lower abdomen has a little bump. My only other noticeable symptoms are nausea, back aches, fatigue and heartburn. I have been getting heartburn super easily, I have hardly ever had heartburn in my life. I also think that a lot of it could be in my head because I have been thinking I am pregnant for a while now. My breasts are also sore, but I got a breast augmentation a little over year ago, and I’m not sure if its still pain subsiding from that or what. I did 4 home tests last month- all negative, and two last week- both negative, but it wasn’t first thing in the morning, and it was after I had dranken some water.

Doctor: A urinary test for pregnancy should be positive for pregnancy within 2-3 weeks of conception. Since your test have all c ome negative, it is most likely that you are not pregnant. However you may want to do a blood test for pregnancy which is more sensitive. Hope that answers your question.