I don’t know if its an allergic reaction… Please help.

Patient: Hi, about 30 mins back, I was eating pop tarts and suddenly my throat started feeling itchy, then sore and very suddenly it started burning. I dropped the pop tart and started coughing. Then the burning and painful and itchy sensation got worse, including my ears. I drank water, which usually makes me feel better when my throat hurts but it just made things worse. It made me want to throw up. Then I realized I had experienced this once before, about a year back when I was eating a subway sandwich. At that time, there were some cubed cheese in the fridge and for some reason that made me feel a lot better. Right now I am at the dorm and I dont have cheese. My throat still hurts also its kind of dulled now. My ear continues to itch and hurt. Over all, I still want to throw up but not as bad anymore. Maybe it was the benedryl I had. But now I am freaking out. Am I allergic to something? I mean what is common between a subway sandwich and a pop tart. Or its just the way I eat makes weird things happen to my throat. I dont know what to think of it. Please help!