I don’t know if it’s an allergy or it’s a skin problem.

Patient: I don’t know if it’s an allergy or it’s a skin problem, I have small bumps all over my hands and feet and elbows and knees. It itches sometimes but not a lot and it seems to be spreading. Any idea of what it could be?

Doctor: Hello, & welcome to ATD.Small papules, slightly raised, red and itchy can be due to allergy.They are likely to be du e to an allergic reaction if1)There is constant itching.2)You have a past history of allergy or similar episode after exposure to the same allergen.3)You have a family history of allergy/ atopy/ asthma.4)Any other symptoms such as difficulty in breathing/ choking sensation are present.5)The sudden appearance of rash/ papules.6)Rash has remained same since the first appearance.Chances of allergy are less likely if1)The rash developed gradually.2)Rash has been present for days, presented itself in different crops.3)Rash changes its forms.There are few more things I would like to knowDo you have any joint pains?How long have you been suffering from the complaint?Is there any scaling over these rashes?there are other conditions like dermatitis herpetiformis, psoriasis which might present in a similar fashion.Clinical examination is irreplaceable in diagnosing your condition and provide suitable treatment, second opinion, doubts and further discussion is invited.Feel free to discuss further.Regards