I dont know who the dad is to my unborn child

Patient: Dear doctor, I broke up with my boyfriend on the 26th march, I then stupidly got drunk the day after (27th march) and had sex with another guy. 4 days later on the 3rd march I missed my due period and instead I had spotting (brown discharge). on the 9th of march I went to my local sexual health clinic to have a pregnancy test which came back positive. keeping in mind my last period was on the 10th of February. I need to know if this guy could be the dad or my ex boyfriend? please help me

Doctor: Hello dear,After going through your query I would like to convey that with just a day of difference and you being near to your ovulation it would rather be difficult to conclude who is the father. DNA paternity test once the child is born can only be conclusive. Although the card tilts more towards your ex boyfriend being the father if your periods are regular. From your query it seems that by mistake you have written as 26th March & 27th March instead of putting it as February.