I don’t pass stool everyday When I do it’s painful

Patient: I don’t pass stool everyday. When I do it’s painful and there’s mucus at times and after I’m done I feel like I still need to go. Is there something wrong?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of not passing stools every day. There is pain and mucus whenever you pass stool. And feeling to go again after you have done.These symptoms suggest the need for clinical evaluation, physical examination including per-rectal and proctoscopy examination to see the presence of the primary cause and the secondary effects like pile and fissure, and colonoscopy to diagnose or rule out any pathology.In this way, the primary cause and the secondary effects are diagnosed and treated well.In the meantime follow some precautions:- Take high fiber diet- Take plenty of oral fluids and water.- Sitz bath in a tub with warm water.- Watch for the foods and beverages which cause or enhance the problems and stop them altogether.- You may take a mild laxative if the stools are hard.- Control of stress and anxiety do help a lot in such conditions.- Take a course of antibiotic and metronidazole, probiotics as may be advised by your Doctor, preferably a Gastroenterologist.- Further investigations if needed.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis and a plan for treatment.