I experienced sudden pain in one spot on the bottom

Patient: I experienced sudden pain in one spot on the bottom of my foot, then the pain went away after about a minute and then it quickly became a swollen lump making it hard to walk. I tried putting ice on it but that didn’t seem to help at all. It’s been two hours and the swelling has not gone away.What happened? I’ve been taking metronidazole for a few days, could that have caused this? Will it go away?(More background: Lately I have also been experiencing poor sleep quality, GERD, menstrual period, and vulval burning that remained after treatment of bacterial vaginosis with metronidazole about a month ago. I also about a month ago (while on metronidazole the first time) experienced a strange symptom in which I could not walk because my thighs kept getting tighter and heavier (happened one evening and was gone the next morning and did not return). I don’t think the foot problem is related to any of these things but I’m including them anyways just in case.)

Symptoms: Swollen lump on bottom of foot, by the toes (occurred suddenly out of nowhere, following brief pain that quickly went away)

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The foot problem you have is not related to the medicinea you have consumed. On readi ng the detailed history it looks like a trauma. You.must have got pricked by a foreign body that could be sharp like glass piece or a stone. It can lead to internal bleeding and induration presenting as a swelling.Kindly consult a surgeon for an examination and get it removed.Hope this helped.Regards