I feel like an idiot So, I have tattoos that

Patient: I feel like an idiot… So, I have tattoos that were done by my friend at a reputable tattoo shop. She is a licensed tattoo artist, and has been certified in handling blood borne pathogens. However, I needed one of my tattoos touched up, and so I STUPIDLY allowed her to touch it up at her home while I was hanging out with her last week. She seemed to keep everything just as professional and sterile as it would be in her shop, but now I am paranoid and want to be tested for Hep C and HIV. How long do I need to wait to be tested? Again, I had the tattoo touched up a week ago. Thanks! ­čÖü

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Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns.First of all even at home the certified tattoo maker will not make any mistak es as this has to do something with her reputation and do not worry much.Secondly the window period for all the tests for HIV and Hep-C are 2 weeks to 2-3 months and you can get tested then only to know whether you have any affection or not.For HIV you have to wait for 2 more weeks and Hep-C 3 months.I hope this answer helps you, In addition you can certainly consult your family Physician.