I feel like I have erectile dysfunction.

Patient: I’m having trouble keeping erections during penetration. I am able to obtain an erection during foreplay but during intercourse I loose it, my penis becomes fairly soft and it is hard to continue having sex. I have also noticed I loose my erections fairly fast when masterbaiting. After I stop it only takes a few seconds for my penis to start going soft – i do not make myself ejaculate. I have recently had a blood test that showed no issues which could effect my erections. I am 18 years old and just recently started having sex roughly a month ago. I weigh 81kg and stand around 180cm tall. I am fairly active and have recently joined a gym which i attend 5 days a week. I drink and go out till around 2am at least two times a week.

Symptoms: Erectile dysfunction

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The commonest cause of loss of erections without any organic or medical cause is entirely psychological.An erection is a very sensitive issue for a lot of guys. A lot of males will have one loss of erection while having intercourse due to tiredness or stress or other factors, they develop a big psychological barrier where they assume that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. In fact, some studies claim, 50 % of the males suffer from psychological anxiety and can’t enjoy sex.Since all your blood reports are normal, there is nothing else that can lead to ED. So you need to relax, and take your mind off this entire erection thing for a while. I will advise you to even stay away from masturbation for a while. And when you try masturbating or intercourse after a week, try to relax and enjoy the orgasm rather than thinking about whether you will lose an erection again.If this still does not help, you can talk to a Psychologist who can help you overcome this anxiety.Hope this was helpful.Regards.