I feel like I have the flu, but I’m not sure

Patient: I have a low grade fever and a really sore neck. when I sleep I sweat but I feel very cold and my body is sore. I would assume the flu but during the day at work I don’t feel too bad only when it gets late what’s wrong with me!?

Doctor: Helloyou have a low grade fever and that’s why during the day at work yo don’t feel much about it. during night the sa me mild temperature bothers you. Its usual to have such picture.There are many reasons of low grade continuous fever,it may be viral,bacterial or parasitic, common are upper respiratory tract infections,urinary tract infection, sometimes in malaria and tuberculosis.you are requested to consult your doctor who after physical examination, may investigate you by doing some blood and urine tests and shall prescribe you some antibiotic regimen. after that you will be fine.OTC drugs may not help you resolve the problem