I feel like something is stuck in my throat.

Patient: I feel like something is stuck in my throat ive been feeling like something is stuck in it for 3 days now i threw up 7 times to try and get whatever was in there out and it did not affect anything everytime i swallow it hurts and feels like something is stuck in there i have done salt warm water honey and all the throat medicines i just need help i have no clue whats wrong should i go to the ER tomorrow if this persists for a 4th day in a row to fix it or can you offer advice to help fix it.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood that you have a feeling of something stuck a nd it pains n swallowing. This has been happening for 3 days.This itself is an indication that your should consult an ENT Surgeon for clinical evaluation, to have direct visualization of the pharynx by Endoscopy and have a diagnosis for further management.Since you have tried a few known things at home, I would advise you to try nothing else, take plenty of warm water and liquids orally, Any anti-inflammatory tablet like Ibuprofen if it suits you and you have at home.Medical field is based on evidence and the direct visualization gives a perfect diagnosis.Hope this helps.