I feel my anus a little scratchy sometimes

Patient: Hello. I am a 21 male and from about 2 months i feel my anus a little bit scratchy sometimes. Especially during the night. I am too ashamed to go to a ‘real doctor’

Symptoms: Symptoms: Anus scratchy sometimes

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Itching in the anal area could be due to many causes, the common reasons being worm infes tation like enterobius which generally resides in the anal area, causing severe itching, allergic causes like contact dermatitis, developing due to soaps, lotions or any cosmetics or due to lack of hygiene. Other reasons could be spicy food,yeast infection,diarrhea, haemmorhoids, skin tags ,etcYou will have to maintain anal hygiene, keep the area dry and use cotton undergarments. Avoid any use of cosmetics over the area and make sure you drink lots of water daily, to prevent constipation.There is nothing to feel shy about consulting a doctor, it is a common problem and the doctor will solve it. Everything will be kept confidential.Kindly do not hesitate to consult a doctor, you may need to get a few investigations, like swab culture for pinworm, etc.Hope this helpedRegards