I feel pregnant. could it be true

Patient: I had a normal period on Thursday and then by Friday i was spotting. I took home pregnancy tests but they are negative could that man I’m pregnant or ami taking the tests to early.

Symptoms: Nausea headaches tired moody

Doctor: Hello,If you have experienced menses like bleeding an then spotting in the middle of cycle or way before then your re gular periods, then this may be an implantation bleed unless proven otherwise. The urine pregnancy test is not sensitive at this time and you may have to undergo a serum beta hcg test level test. This is hcg based test and sensitive following 7 days post intercourse or conception. Hence if the levels of hcg are raised, then it confirms pregnancy else if less than 1, it is negative.If the test is negative then it is probably a breakthrough bleeding during the cycle and the symptoms experienced are PMS and not early pregnancy symptoms.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards