I feel so strange and i know this is related to  my brain

Patient: I feel so strange and i know this is related to my brain.I feel nothing,just affraidMy head is heavyMy brain didn’t work so goodI feel affraid of everythingMy face swollenAnd i feel like i’ve no energyAnd déjà vuWhat is this?Is this will effect my psych.?how should i do?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms you have described look more like a psychiatric related than related to an y bodily disorder. Kindly consult a psychiatric for a detailed interview and counselling sessions, behaviour therapy and medications may also be needed to help you. Meanwhile think positively and avoid all negative thoughts, confide in your close ones and also never overreact to stress. Remember every problem has a solution. You must have patience while treatment starts with your doctor.Hope this helped.Regards