I feel that I am more of an anxiety prone

Patient: I feel that I am more of an anxiety prone person. I tend to worry a lot and am hard on myself when it comes to getting good grades in school among other things. Is it normal to have a very high level of stress and anxiety at times throughout the day? I feel as though I almost had a panic attack or a mini one today.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is common to find people with high-stress levels, considering today’s competitive wo rld and the high expectations that parents and people have on students and young people to deliver the best and perform. Well, you seem to be one among them, worrying a little more than the normal people. This does not mean that you suffer from a disease or have a panic attack.You will feel better by changing your lifestyle and following relaxation techniques. Firstly you need to master the art of time management, getting up early daily and prioritizing the work schedule. Follow a timetable and it will help in finishing the tasks on time. If this is done, half of your anxiety is cut down as things stop piling up. Sleep for 8 hours a day and eat healthy food. Include daily exercise for 1 hour a day, follow meditation and deep breathing exercises and yoga to ease the mind. Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages. Make friends with like mind and discuss your goals with them and share their views. All these will help, in case of no change consider meeting a psychologist for behaviour therapy and counselling sessions to allay the anxiety you have.Hope this helped.Regards