I feel that I have a Pilonidal Cyst

Patient: I feel that I have a Pilonidal Cyst and I want doctor to confirm it

I feel that I have a Piloni...-1

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ask the doctor.Thanks for the query.Pilonidal sinus is a small cyst that can occur at the glute al cleft, especially in hairy men.Friction over the area, infection and hormonal changes, excessive hair could be contributing factors to the cause. It can cause severe pain and even get infected causing discharge of pus from the cyst. The picture you have sent, looks like a pilonidal cyst, although a small one.It needs attention as the area looks inflamed and likely to get infected soon.Kindly consult a surgeon for an examination and excision as a treatment option. You will recover in a week post excision.Hope this helped.Regards