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I fell from the steps of a semi

Patient: I drive a semi for a living and monday I was exiting my truck and the bottom step gave out,I fell backwards with my feet roughly 3foot off of the ground and landed pretty hard on my back. It was just a little sore monday and Tuesday but today I can hardly walk and have sharp tingling pains from my mid back down to almost behind my lower back is in so much pain I want to cry,my job is in between changing insurance companies so I have none right now. With that said on the third day hurting this bad is it safe to say I probably done some pretty good damage?


Symptoms: Lower back pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry you had such a fall. You may have sustained an injury to your lower back which is causing irritation to your sciatic nerves. These nerves innervate the lower limbs and are formed from nerve branches which originate in the spinal cord. This would account for the sensations you are experiencing down the back of your legs. Now your lower back injury could be due to slipped, or herniated intervertebral disc, or due to fracture of one of the vertebrae of your lumbar spine. In order to be certain as to what the exact injury is, we strongly recommend that you go to your doctor to undergo a full evaluation of your back. Since the pain has worsened, we believe that this is a medical emergency and you may be best served by going to the emergency department of your local hospital. You will need to have a physical examination of the area performed, along with x rays and a possible MRI to elucidate the severity of this wishes you a speedy recovery.


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