I fell I heard a pop and my shin hurts

Patient: I fell I heard a pop and my shin hurts I can’t walk on it.I’m scared I think i spraned it or pull something but all i need is an answer.thank you

Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Thank you for writing to usIf you have just started running, then it is possible that you have a shin splint. It is not something to be overly worried about. If it has been some time since you have been running, I would advise you to start on RICE.RICE stands for :Rest the shin. Avoid running and also use crutches if there is pain while walkingIce the shin for 15 mins every hour for several daysCompress the shin like you have and massage itElevate the shin on 2 pillowsTake some calcium pills at 500 mg daily and if the pain is present after 5 days, please see a Doctor. All the best.Hope this helps you.