I fell off the bed trying to step on the

Patient: I fell off the bed trying to step on the night stand to hang a picture. It all happened so quickly, i fell with the night stand landing on the outer side of my left knee. Immediate bruise and skin scrape. It swelled up within a few hours following. Iced the knee the following day. I have trouble walking up and down stairs, mainly trouble lifting my leg towards the butt. The swelling has now moved down the side of my leg and i have shooting pains in my calf. Do you think i just strained the knee and have a deep bone bruise or is there something more serious that would require medical attention. Thank you!

Symptoms: Swelling all around knee, swelling down side of leg (left hand side) trouble walking up and down stairs. Pain in the back of calf.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at ATD.Injury over the outer or inner aspect of knee can commonly occur with twisting force. Your knee could have injured over its outer aspect while landing over the ground or due to fall of object over it or both. The extent of injury can only be determined by the clinical examination.The shooting pain over the calf region is due to irritation of the common peroneal nerve which lie in the vicinity of the injured area. Either the bruise (collected blood) has irritated the nerve or there was pressure on the nerve for a while by the object or the swelling.If there is no sensory disturbance in the area of calf, outer aspect of leg, and sole; and you can move your ankle equal to the contralateral limb then these pains will subside in few days. If there is any sensory or motor disturbance then the injury requires further evaluation.You should give rest to the knee, restrict your mobility to fulfil your daily needs only, apply ice packs to the affected area, use acetaminophen (Tylenol, Paracetamol)/ Ibuprofen for analgesia and anti inflammatory action. If the symptoms don’t improve over two weeks of rest and medication then further evaluation will be required.To summarize my answer, clinical work up will be required in case of sensory or motor disturbance, or if there is no resolution of symptoms with the above mentioned treatment.I hope your query is answered to your satisfaction, for any more doubts or second opinion, follow up at ATD and feel free to discuss.