I fell off the roof and my neck hurts!

Patient: I fell off the roof, no more than 12 feet, and landed on my side. I sprained my ankle pretty bad, but its getting better. But I’m having some pretty bad neck pain that doesn’t seem to go away. It only hurts when I put my head on my shoulder. Should I continue taking Ibuprofin and just move on?

Symptoms: Neck pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. No, the neck is a very sensitive area and your fall may have caused you to sustain a neck i njury which can have long term complications of pain and decreased range of motion. We recommend that you go to your doctor and have a thorough examination of your neck along with x rays to rule out any serious injury. Furthermore, we would like you to avoid any strenuous work, or sudden movements which would exacerbate your injury. Taking ibuprofen is acceptable for treating your pain, we we recommend that you continue doing so according to the correct dosage, not exceeding the daily maximum. We hope you feel better soon.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com