I fell on my knee a couple weeks ago

Patient: I gell on my knee a couple weeks ago. Got an xray the other day and it showed nothing regarding bone. Knee hurts alot as does my calf muscle and back of my leg muscles. Very tender to touch. Having all kinds of pains from muscle spasm, shooting pain, pins and needles, random numbness. Vant bear weight, cant stand for more than two minutes now including sitting and walking. Pain now takes four hours to simmer down with r.i.c.e. if im on my leg too long it becomes swollenBrace doea not help.Going to get an mri soon. Any ideas? Desperate to kno whats wrong.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your question.Noted the history of falling on a knee with normal X-ray but the pain is there in th e knee, calf and leg muscles.Tenderness present along with muscle spasm, shooting pain, pins and needles and random numbness. Can not bear weight as the pain is too much and on standing the edema increases. The brace does not help.All these things indicate that there is an internal knee injury as well as soft tissue injury around it. The muscles must have gone into spasm at the time of fall and still continue to be sore.Please tell all your symptoms to the Radiologist so that the MRI reading will be better to find the exact causes of the problem you are suffering.I hope this answer helps you get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.