I felt a lump below my ribs on the right

Patient: I felt a lump below my ribs on the right side. Had an ultrasound at the ER. It said “a well I-circumscribed hypoechoic mass, measuring 3.6cm by 1.9cm. It could be a lipoma.” It says “could be” should I follow up with a Doctor to verify the result?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your short and specific question.If the ultrasonography is showing ”could be” lipoma of the size of 3.6 by 1.9 cm, I would advise you to consult your Surgeon get examined and get this excised for 2 reasons.1. You get rid of the diseased part as it is not normal and is big enough.2. You get a confirmed diagnosis.Hope this helps you.

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Patient: Thank you very much for your quick reply. I appreciate it. I made an appointment with a surgeon for this week.