I felt extremely cold, i started sweating and was very

Patient: Hi, last night I was having dinner. I had done exercise in the morning, went to the beach in the afternoon and then had some drinks during dinner. We then went outside where it was 90 degrees and suddenly I felt extremely cold, i started sweating and was very pale

Symptoms: Pale, sweating, extreme cold

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.There are two possibilities:1 ) Hypothermia2)Acute cardi ac eventThe possibility of hypothermia is there since you were there at very low temperature (I suppose you have by mistake written 90degree) .In Such scenario, I would advise you to check your body temperature and of it is less than 94 degree F , then you are suffering from Hypothermia.In case it comes out to be normal, then you should go to ER immediately and get an ECG done to rule out Acute cardiac event which can also cause these symptoms particularly sweating in cold weather.For hypothermia, I would advise you to use blankets, drink hot fluids non alcoholic, sit in warm heater .If your your symptoms do not improve then you would require admission and management of hypothermia.I hope it helps.if you have any further query, you may ask me.Take care.