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Patient: I found out I was pregnant on December 23,2014, i went for my first doctors visit on February 3 and found that my baby had no heartbeat. The doctor said that the fetus looked to be about 6-8 weeks and the sack about 9 weeks. She gave me my three options, and i decided to try and have a natural miscarriage at home with no pill. I waited and waited until March 9th for something to happen and obviously nothing ever did. March 9th i went to the ER to seek help. I had become severely depressed and had a strange type of headache that had been coming and going for two weeks and i had started cramping with no blood or discharge for about a week. Oh, i forgot to mention on feb 15, i had a dark yellow discharge looking stuff on the tissue when i wiped. That was only once, but the next day after i took a leak, i looked in the toilet and there were two drops of blood on the side of the toilet. Just two drops and nothing else. Anyways, on March 9th they did the two types of ultrasounds on me, blood tests, checked my urine, and did a pelvic exam. I was told my body absorbed the baby and i needed to follow up with my ob-gyn in a couple of days. I asked why i ha vent had my monthly period yet. And the dr wasnt sure. I haven’t had a period since before i found out i was pregnant in December. Honestly this miscarriage is my first and i have been having a very difficult time dealing with it. Im not sure why i can’t bring myself to go back to my doctor. Or why i waited so long to be seen. But i need to know why my body still isn’t having a period and if my body still thinks it is pregnant or something? And what i need to do to get back to normal? And if possible to find out what exactly happened with me, like why my body didnt have a natural miscarriage like it was supposed to? God Bless and thank you for any help.

Doctor: Hello dear,Thanks for trusting us about your health care.I have gone through your history and I can understand you r concern.Before giving my opinion regarding to it I wwould like to see your ultrasound and blood reports.Your problem can be most probably due to hormonal disturbance and you should get your hormonal test done to rule out the cause.I think your body already expel out the product of conception.You should get your thyroid test and hormonal profile to rule out the cause.Hope it is useful, feel free to ask more.Regards

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