I get dizzy all the time and feel like I’m going to faint

Patient: I get dizzy all the time and feel like I’m going to faint and I checked my sugars and they was 8.8 is that normal or should I go to the doctors

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes of dizziness like low sugars, high sugars, high or low blood pre ssure, dehydration, anemia, vasovagal attacks, vertigo, and circulatory disturbances. The sugar value of 8.8 ( which we presume is in the unit of mmol/L ) is a little high for a non-diabetic patient. The normal blood sugar values are here as follows1.Non-diabetic: fasting- 4 to 5.9 mmol/L AND 2 hours aftera meal < 7.8 mmol/L2.Diabetic Type 1: fasting 4-7 mmol/L and 2 hours after a meal < 9 mmol/L3.Diabetes type 2: fasting 4-7 mmol/l and 2 hours after a meal < 8.5 mmol/LCategorizing them, in all categories except type 1, your sugar levels are a little high. You may have to consult a doctor to check on your blood sugars again. Both fasting and postprandial sugars need to be checked and other causes for dizziness also to be investigated and treated accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards