I get excess mucus lathargy and bloatedness

Patient: Hi,I’ve had these problems for a couple of years now (or more) and I’m 18. I get an excessive amount of mucus at the back of my throat which I constantly have to cough up throughout the day, otherwise I can choke on it. I feel lathargic and dizzy often (it seems to come in waves); I may feel lathargic and dizzy for a few days, then fine, then lathargic and dizzy again. Also, I get quite bloated and I get itchy skin, supposedly from my body sending histamine to my skin or something like that.My bloatedness became more manageable when I stopped having lactose, and stopped eating tomato sauce (as in the pasta sauce).I’ve done breath tests which show that I’m very lactose intolerant and somewhat fructose intolerant, so I’ve virtually cut lactose out of my diet. Furthermore, I’ve been tested for allergies to mould and dust mites and stuff and came out fine.After reading around, I think that I may have a gluten intolerance (maybe Coeliac).Thank you.