I get really dizzy whenever I stand up and I

Patient: I get really dizzy whenever I stand up and I start to feel numb. Sometimes I don’t remember what happened before I got dizzy and I sometimes get weird chest pains and pressure.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I have read and understood your history.Getting dizziness on standing up can be due t o the following things:- Postural hypotension, meaning sudden reduction of blood pressure on getting up.- Diseases of the Neck, internal ears or the neck can cause the similar problems.I would advise you the following:Get a clinical evaluation and physical examination done by a Neurologist and an ENT Surgeon (for Nero-otology examination) and to undergo all the relevant tests as may be advised by him / her.These may be MRI of the neck, brain, internal ears along with angiography.This will give the best of possible diagnosis as this is a highly specialized field.Weird chest pain and pressure can be due to stress or anxiety. Other causes can be costochondritis, cardiac problems, lung and pleura inflammation.The Doctor would also look into this matter and find the obvious cause.I hope this answers your query.