I got a gash above my hip

Patient: I got a gash above my hip, and in the hospital they gave me a lidocain shot so they can clean it out. But it’s been over a week now and the area is still a bit numb. Is that normal? Or is there something wrong?

Doctor: Welcome To Ask The Doctor.We understand your concern.Lidocaine shot is short acting and doesn’t causes any numbnes s after use.Your history is suggestive of a condition known as Meralgia Paresthesia.It is a type of pinched nerve.As far as treatment of Meralgia Paresthesia is concerned, initially I would advise you to do hot fomentation with hot water bag and apply local gels like Volini over there.If this persists even after 7 days, I would recommend treatment with a combination of Pregabalin and Methylcobalamine.I hope it helps