I got a semen analysis and my doctor was very vague in regards to telling me my results

Patient: I got a semen analysis and my doctor was very vague in regards to telling me my results, he told me “test came back ok”I’d like to know a little more in regards to my results.I have the raw data but cant make heads or tails of it.I’m going to post my results below in the symptoms section can get an opinion on from a professional on them.32yrs old, smoker, 5’7, 175lbs

Symptoms: Volume: 3.2ml
Color: White
Viscosity: 2
Concentration: 141MILL/ML
% Mctile (Mobility Index):50%
Rapid Forward Progress: 15%
Slow Forward Progress: 45%
NO progress on mobility: 18%
Immobile: 22%
Concentration of Moble:84.6 mill/mot/ml
Normal Forms: 8%
Slightly Abnormal: 7%
Abnormal Heads: 83%
MidPiece: Abnormality: 2%
Gen Tail Abnormality:0%
Immature forms:0%
Round Cells:0%
Bacteria: 0%
Red Blood Cells0%

Doctor: Thank for your query.After going through the semen analysis report we could like to convey that the count (concentrati on) of the spermatozoa is apt and normal. Whereas the motility is slightly low. Because the velocity at which the spermatozoa swim will determine their ability to fertilize an egg. Preferably the rapid progressive motility should be more than 30% to have fair chances to fertilize the egg. However with 15% of rapid motility also men can impregnante a woman but the time taken for the same will be more. Coming to the abnormalities, if the totally normal forms are >2% then there is no need to worry. But in this context I would would like to give an advice, you don’t smoke when your couple are planning for a conception as the nicotine has noxious effect on spermatogenesis causing severe abnormalities in the spermatozoa. It can occasionally lead to early miscarriages also.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Patient: Thank you very much for all the info. it was very helpful in better understanding the results.
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